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ITC - School of Laws where Excellence is the ONLY standard

ITC School of Law Facilities

Strong faculty of committed full-time lecturers to disseminate the subject matter.

Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing study environment.

Average student to teacher ratio of 20 to 30 students to 1 teacher.

Comprehensive lecture notes for each topic which are thoroughly researched and written by the respective principal lecturers. This is supple mented by seminars to ensure a complete understanding of the subject matter.

ITC School of Law Facilities

Seminar Packs with a compilation of past year examination questions, to be used during tutorials to gain experience in the answering techniques.

Comprehensive Revision Handbooks for all the subjects, with charts and sample answers, adding an examination emphasis.

An Intensive Revision Course at the end of the academic year geared towards enhancing examination prowess with emphasis on the latest changes in the law.

ITC School of Law Facilities

One-to-one sessions with lecturers (on request) for the purposes of clarification, known as the SASSY - the Student Assistance Support System.

A library which is open 7 days a week providing invaluable opportunity to facilitate research and quiet study.

Law reports available on CD-ROM & online learning with access to a legal portal.

A student lounge that is available for the students to take some time out from studies and to relax.

Class/Room Facilities


Lecture Theatre (114.33m2)


Lecture Room 1(90.03m2)


Lecture Room 2 (49.51m2)


Seminar Room 1 (49.51m2)


Seminar Room 2 (30.35m2)


Student Lounge (16m2)


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