ahead of time for pick up or
delivery and get a FREE Garlic
Cheese Onion Rings with your
order! Hurry, limited time
slots available!

Pick a date and time for delivery!

IT’S PERFECT FOR SAHUR! Reheat your leftover pizza by placing the pizza into a pre-head oven (3500F/1800C) for 5 minutes.
Haven’t had
dinner or going
for round two?

ORDER ONLINE ahead of time
for dine-in and take-away and
pick up your’Hot and Wow’ pizza
fresh from the oven!
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BEAT THE RUSH! Order during
these non-peak hours to avoid delays!
Recommended Hours:
11am-6pm and 9pm-11pm
‘Buka Puasa’ with the family!
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Complete your meal with something sweet!
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Doesn't everything look so good?
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waiting for?